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FREE self-training video course for singers of any style - “10 Exercises to Sing without Tension”

The results of 20 years of research in the singing art explain complex inner processes in singing with the modern language of the work of muscles. By practicing these exercises, singers can prevent complications of the vocal cords. The goal of the course is to help singers to achieve security and longevity of their voices.

The video is organized into two sections. The first half is focused on the training of breath control avoiding tension of abdominal muscles (Exercises 1-6). The second half contains exercises for vowel production that is beneficial for the work of the vocal cords (Exercises 7-8) and an exercise for the effective connection of wide intervals that will lead to blending of registers and overall evenness in singing (Exercise 9). The second half concludes with an exercise for consonant production that will provide clear articulation without the interruption of the smooth flow of sound (Exercise 10).

Video Course

A training course of 10 exercises for the work of muscles for singers of any style.


Preliminary exercises

Exercise 1

Exercise 2

Exercise 3

Exercise 4

Exercise 5

Exercise 6

Exercise 7

Exercise 8

Exercise 9

Exercise 10

For Operatic and Music Theater singers, additional sessions focusing specifically on the production of the highest notes

In anatomy texts it is noted that the pharynx plays a primary role in the production of high notes. Investigation into the effect of activation of major muscles in the pharynx on the quality of resultant sound led to the discovery of an effective resonating point in the nasopharynx. A resonating point in the highest space of the nasopharynx makes production of the highest notes easier considerably minimizing tension and often leading to the expansion of the high register. This is an exciting result for singers of Opera, Operetta, and Music Theater whose repertoire requires the production of the highest notes in full voice. A few sessions of special training on how to achieve and sustain the pharyngeal resonating point are proposed. The video course above is a prerequisite to this training. The curriculum for this short course is available upon request.

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