Niks Piano Technique & Lecture-Recitals

The principles of piano technique without tension led to the explanation of the “singing tone,” the most acoustically effective and beautiful sound that the piano instrument can produce. A lecture-recital, “Mystery of Singing Tone”, was dedicated to the solution of producing an acoustically effective sound of piano. This lecture-recital is illustrated by playing of pianists representing a school of "singing" tone of the past and the playing of the author of the lecture-recital, Inessa Niks (Inessa Niks was recorded on a 1927 5' 7" Steinway model L; narration was provided by Dimitri Niks).

Free Download Audio:  Mystery of Singing Tone  

Understanding of the phenomenon of “singing tone” inspired further investigation into the specific sounds of great composers, research conducted by Mikhail and Inessa Niks (1991-1996). The lecture-recital, “Distinctive Sounds of Great Composers”, is dedicated to the discovery of an amazing variety of acoustical sounds which we deem characteristic for different musical styles and major composers. The lecture is narrated and illustrated by Inessa Niks.

Free Download Audio:  Distinctive Sounds of Great Composers, Part 1

Free Download Audio:  Distinctive Sounds of Great Composers, Part 2