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Modern Approach to the Work of Muscles in Singing without Tension

While surveying the recordings of legendary singers, we noticed that the best ones did not necessarily possess the most powerful voices or voices with the widest range. What outstanding singers had in common was the most beautiful sound production, effortless technique and very clear articulation that allowed them to achieve optimal self-expression. These qualities contributed to their enormous success that made them legendary. To unlock the “secrets” of their mastery became the exciting goal of our many years of research. It was a very ambitious goal after centuries of the works of legendary teachers in empirical way to find a modern explanation by the language of muscle work. Our belief that this was possible to accomplish was based on the knowledge of very refines work of inner muscles revealed in piano research. In singing research we relied on the same principles established in the piano research only applied to a different set of muscles. The result was the creation of amazingly short course of ten exercises for specific for singers breath control, approach to sound production without tension of the throat and clear articulation.

The principles of singing without tension are indispensable for singers of any style, preventing vocal chord complications and providing longevity of voice. For singers of Opera, Operetta, and Music Theater an additional short course is available focusing on the specific problem of producing high notes in full voice. Modern Approach to the Work of Muscles in Singing without Tension.

Additional Short Training Course for the Pharyngeal Resonance

In the video course, the very particular location for sound “focusing” at the border of hard and soft palate was described. The precision of this location is very important to minimize soft palate activation to avoid the engagement of wide muscles that have connection to the lower jaw and ultimately throat. Researcher Dimitri Niks discovered an effective resonating point in the nasopharynx that as noted in anatomy texts plays a big role in high notes production. Singing in the highest space of the nasopharynx brings improvement of highest note production and expansion of the high register. This is an exciting result for singers of Opera, Operetta, and Music Theater whose repertoire requires the production of the highest notes in full voice. Since the work with high notes should be done carefully, it requires supervision in the beginning. A few sessions of special training on how to achieve and sustain the pharyngeal resonating point are proposed. The contents of the video course are a required prerequisite for these sessions.

Video Course

A training course of 10 exercises for the work of muscles for singers of any style.

Video 1 focuses on preliminary and breathing exercises.

Video 2 describes singing exercises.

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